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Scelta del materiale Madre natura ci regala centinaia di colori in Pietra Naturale ed è pe

Choice of material


Mother nature gives us hundreds of colors in Natural Stone and that is why we give you the possibility to choose among many ones that  the more they inspire you and meet your taste.

Technical evaluation

Before making your choice, we will evaluate together the characteristics of the materials each for their own use, as well as the way to work them to enhance their beauty.

Progettazione tecnica Il nostro ufficio tecnico è composto da geometri esperti nel disegno

Technical design

Our technical office is made up of surveyors who are experts in CAD design to support the Architecture Studies  and to be able to study with you the best solution for your project.

Measurements survey


Our work on your project starts here, with a team of expert technicians who can also work alongside your Architect, Designer or other craftsmen. The same person will follow you up to the installation.

Misura del controsoffitto

Testing in the laboratory


Using natural stone and our technology it is possible to create drawings and millimeter cuts. The marble carpet or the "open stain" are tested in the laboratory so that the result is perfect.


Each processing in Natural Stone  it is created with plates of your choice. The care in building the right packaging around the artifacts is the guarantee for transport  in Italy and abroad with a risk of breakages close to zero.

Avvolgere un divano
Trasporto merci



Through our partners we can organize transport abroad. We can support your courier or your trusted carrier. We can make deliveries with our vehicles in different parts of Italy.

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